All the movie services via one channel

MindFit Movies

MindFit Movies is a consortium containing all the services and products needed to serve movie industry. Together with our members we can build a service package from commercials to short films to full-scale movies. We have everything from the technology (DCP, movie projector maintenance, cameras, etc.) to artistic production (script writers, directors, producers, etc.). Some examples of our customer segment:

  • Film companies & TV
  • Movie Theaters
  • Any company in a need of videos & presentation materials

Need an advertisement video? Help in film production? Technical services for your movie theater or film equipment? –> Contact us and make a Request For Quotation.

Need new clients for your own movies services ? –> Ask us, we’ll tell you how!

Supporting our movie theater:

27.4.2023 in News

New Cinema Innovation launched! (Murder mystery game)

MindFit Movie’s CEO Kari Härkönen launches a new 360 degree game innovation together with the inventor, director-writer Janne Nykänen. The game can be played in 3D virtual environment where REAL…

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22.9.2021 in News

MindFit Movies CEO in Tekniikka ja Talous Magazine

Tekniikka ja Talous wrote about Kari Härkönen and his consortium YardMate. YardMate and MindFit Movies has the same idea – offer all the service via one channel. YardMate services traditional…

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